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eTranslation is a Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) building block. It is an automated translation tool available to translate text excerpts or complete documents.

Its main goal is to help European and national public administrations exchange information across language barriers in the EU, by providing machine translation capabilities that will enable all Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) to be multilingual. Public administrations, citizens and businesses in the EU will thus be able to use digital services in the language they choose. For example, users of the Online Dispute Resolution Portal are able to access information in languages they do not understand and communicate with their counterparts in their own language. While CEF eTranslation is mainly intended to be integrated into such digital services, it also offers useful stand-alone services for the translation of documents and snippets of text.

CEF eTranslation builds on the previous machine translation service of the European Commission, MT@EC, developed by the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT). MT@EC translation engines were trained using the vast Euramis translation memories, comprising over 1 billion sentences in the 24 official EU languages, produced by the translators of the EU institutions over the past decades.

It currently covers 24 languages in different domains, including Russian and simplified Chinese. SMEs, Public Service Officials, and Public Sector Service Providers benefit from eTranslation.