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The ENRICH4ALL (E-goverNment [RI] CHatbot for ALL) Action is funded by CEF-TC-2020-1: Automated Translation. Its main objective is to integrate the CEF AT core service platform eTranslation to an already existing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based chatbot technology. Within ENRICH4ALL, we have been developing a chatbot service called eChat which will be deployed in public administration in Luxembourg, Romania, and Denmark.

In eChat, we primarily address the official languages in each Consortium country: German, French, Luxembourgish, Romanian, and Danish. However, through the integration of eTranslation, we will support all languages currently supported by eTranslation, as well.

We experiment with language models for question answering and we have already published language resources. See Language Resources for the latest updates.

The partners of the ENRICH4ALL Consortium are Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) - project coordinator, BEIA Consult International, Romanian Academy Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence “Mihai Drăgănescu”, and SupWiz Aps.

We have already a demo available. If you are interested in deploying a chatbot in your organisation, please feel free to contact us!